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White nationalist Nick Fuentes has never had a girlfriend

Fuentes says the Taliban beat the United States because they weren't 'distracted' by women.


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Posted on Dec 8, 2021   Updated on Dec 8, 2021, 12:13 pm CST

In a recent podcast appearance, white nationalist Nick Fuentes shared his deeply sexist views about women. His opinions were apparently formed without dating one. Fuentes said he’s never been in a relationship with a woman.

On You Are Here, Fuentes said women shouldn’t vote and described the Taliban’s treatment of women as “ideal.”

The Taliban is notoriously restrictive of women’s rights. Women under Taliban rule in Afghanistan can’t work or attend school. Under its previous rule, women were forced into marriages and beaten for appearing in public without a male relative or for wearing something other than a burqa.

Fuentes also described a “nagging wife” as his “worst nightmare.”

Co-host Sydney Watson didn’t take too kindly to Fuentes’ views. She began by pressing him on his admiration of right-wing authoritarians, as he hasn’t lived anywhere but the United States.

“You can only do so much reading before practical experience actually should take some precedence,” Watson said.

She then pivoted to Fuentes’ statements about women.

“Have you been in a relationship with a woman?” she said.

“No,” Fuentes replied.

“So how are you telling other people how to behave towards women when you yourself have not had any physical interaction with them in a romantic capacity?” Watson fired back. “Or in fact in any capacity when you uphold them in a way that treats them with respect.”

“I have to question what kind of a person who has had no experience with women is in a position to basically promote these ideas,” she said.

“Well, I’m having an experience with a woman right now,” Fuentes retorted. He went on to say that he’s “talked to” and “known enough women to know what’s going on.”

Further, based on things men who are successful with the opposite sex have told him, he thinks it takes a few tricks to pick up women. (Presumably he hasn’t used them himself). Nevertheless, thus, he concludes: “They’re not fully rational. I do not believe that like men they possess a full rationality.”

A clip of the exchange posted by Hannah Gais, a senior researcher with the Southern Poverty Law Center, has more than 600,000 views on Twitter. In the comments, Gais added, “Also to be clear, not dating is ok!”

People weren’t particularly surprised that the white nationalist and sexist young man who some claim lived with his parents until recently (and may still) hasn’t had a girlfriend.

Many were amused or even embarrassed for him.

“You can actually see his soul trying to embarrassment-escape from his body,” tweeted @annamerlan.

“This is brutal,” added @Craigipedia.

Several suggested that they would never have admitted it.

One Twitter user posted a screenshot of a tweet that says: “Water boarding couldn’t have gotten this outta me.”

Some pointed out that conservatives and far-right figures have complained that their dating lives suffer because of their views. Incel (or involuntary celibate) culture is notoriously right-wing.

“Dude, you went full Tim Pool at the age of 23,” tweeted @thetomzone. “You never go full Tim Pool at the age of 23.”

Pool once blamed feminism for him being single.

The clip of Fuentes admitting he’s never had a girlfriend made its way to the Cringe subreddit. The comments there were brutal.

“My guy is 23! Who listens to whatever he has to say? And why???” said one.

As for Fuentes, he’s endeavored to prove his indifference to being perpetually single by posting a doctored video of him tuning out everything Watson says.

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*First Published: Dec 8, 2021, 11:59 am CST