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Deplatformed: Gab’s fake white women

What happens when you mix white nationalism, AI, and horny dudes online? This forum on Gab.

On by David Covucci

X is the only social media platform I experience antisemitism on

Mark Cuban says X is ‘impossible’ to use, shares barrage of daily antisemitism his account gets

‘It’s nearly impossible to have a true discussion on X any longer.’

On by Mikael Thalen

John Minadeo in front of signs hung on highway that read 'end Jewish supremacy in America' and 'Honk if you know its the Jews'

‘They do have blood on their hands. And they will have more’: Why Florida is a sunny haven for white nationalists

‘It’s like wink wink, nudge nudge.’

On by Claire Goforth

Nick Fuentes speaking

‘I am a soldier for Donald Trump’: Nick Fuentes says he’d murder political enemies if ‘Supreme Leader’ ordered him

He later claimed he was kidding.

On by Katherine Huggins

christopher pohlhaus

‘He knows when to use humor; he can be very friendly and nice’: The neo-Nazi up the road

‘People don’t realize the tides have turned.’

On by Claire Goforth

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What is a Groyper? How Nick Fuentes beat deplatforming and built a white nationalist army

Is it a frog or a white nationalist?

On by Aneela Mirchandani

Proud Boys clash with Rose City Nationalists

‘Federal agents masquerading as racists’: Proud Boys, neo-Nazi clash at LGBTQ event leads to college grad’s doxing

The online fallout affected random people.

On by Katherine Huggins

Jared Nobel with fake guns at Columbine sign

‘What a stupid decision’: Nick Fuentes blasts his acolytes for livestreaming with guns at Columbine High School

The cop who arrived was also not impressed.

On by Claire Goforth

Dalton Clodfelter speaking in front of blurred greyscale background

Zoomer antisemite Dalton Clodfelter loses funding for ‘Ye is Right’ college tour, Rumble channel

The last week hasn’t been good for the Groyper.

On by Claire Goforth

nick fuentes

Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes reinstated on Twitter

He might be America’s most infamous antisemite—which is saying a lot.

On by David Covucci

back view of electricians standing next to a transformer in electrical power plant

The U.S. power grid is under attack—why are white nationalists cheering it on?

White supremacists online claim their movement is behind recent power grid attacks.

On by Claire Goforth

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Elon Musk quietly deletes meme featuring prominent white nationalist Capitol rioter

The Twitter CEO shared an image of Pepe the Frog shortly after.

On by Mikael Thalen

Christopher Monzon (l) Christopher Monzon (r)

Man assaulted while canvassing for Marco Rubio said he left extremism behind—white nationalists are funding his hospital bills

The League of the South also shared the fundraiser for Christopher Monzon.

On by Claire Goforth

boxing match with white supremacist participants and wall hangings

‘Nationalism that will terrify Jewish power’: Inside the neo-Nazi fight club trying to unite the white supremacist movement

Patriot Front and RAM got together to punch each other.

On by Tina-Desiree Berg

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After 2 million views, TikTok bans new far-right Groyper page

‘I think I’m device banned off tik tok as well, I can’t make a new account or king [sic] into my old ones’

On by Jacob Seitz

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