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‘Saying the quiet part out loud’: Trump fans think Biden team just admitted president will be on drugs at the debate

‘Watch his pupils… they will be dilated to the max.’


Mikael Thalen


A campaign spokesperson for President Joe Biden said he will be “very energized” on Thursday during his debate with former President Donald Trump, a comment that enthused conservatives, who have long claimed that Biden will be propped up with drugs.

The comment, made to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell by Adrienne Elrod, senior spokesperson for the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign, was seen by Trump supporters as evidence that the president would be given pharmaceuticals in order to sharpen his mental clarity.

“Holy crap! They’re saying the quiet part out loud. ‘Expect to see a ‘very energized’ Joe Biden at the debate,’” one X user said. “They’re going for the full Bobby Brown cocktail. He’s gonna be tweakin’ like a MFer.”

Countless users were quick to argue over what drugs they believed Biden would receive, which included everything from amphetamines to crack cocaine.

“Watch his pupils… they will be dilated to the max,” one commenter said.

Some alleged that Biden would likely have a hidden IV drip embedded in his clothing in order to deliver him a continuous amount of drugs.

“They’ll probably have an IV drop under his jacket for the 90 minutes,” user Linda C added.

Others went as far as to demand that Biden receive a drug test before his appearance, despite such a request being absurdly far-fetched.

“@JoeBiden needs a drug test!!!!” another pro-Trump account said.

Numerous right-wing outlets ran with the claim as well. Over on MSNBC’s YouTube channel, where the interview was hosted, commenters similarly flooded the video with theories and allegations.

“Energized and drugged up. They need to take drug tests,” the top comment said.

“Biden will be energized with some of Hunter’s powder!” another user said, referring to the president’s son and his numerous tribulations with drugs.

Some comments though pointed to reporting from Rolling Stone in March that alleged, based on statements from sources, that Trump’s White House was “awash in speed” as well as other drugs like Xanax.

“Are there going to be drug tests?? Test em both. BOTH,” a YouTube user replied.

In remarks on his social media platform Truth Social, Trump likewise suggested that Biden should be tested and claimed that he would agree to do so as well.


In reality, the remarks made by Biden’s campaign spokesperson are not proof of anything. And either way, Biden’s performance will be widely criticized by Trump’s fan base.

If the president performs well, the MAGA crowd will say it’s only because he was on drugs. If he performs poorly, it’s further proof that he is too old to lead the country.

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