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Kamala Harris tops Biden as likely 2024 nominee at online betting market PredictIt

Biden is below Harris for the first time in his presidency.


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Calls for President Joe Biden to be replaced with another candidate as the Democratic presidential nominee increased last week following his shaky performance at the first presidential debate. And that spirit seems to have spread to political betters, too.

Vice President Kamala Harris currently tops PredictIt’s 2024 Democratic presidential nomination market, meaning a majority of the site’s betters believe she will be the party’s nominee.

Harris’s popularity on the market comes amid a New York Times report that Biden told a “key ally” he’s weighing dropping out.

Biden’s Senior Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates rushed to decry the report and tweeted that the president did not have those discussions.

PredictIt is an online gambling service that functions similar to the stock market: Gamblers buy shares in candidates they think are most likely to win nominations and electoral races, and the more expensive a share is, the more likely PredictIt’s market believes that share will win.

Once the nomination or election occurs, PredictIt pays its users based on the outcome. In this case, if Harris were to be nominated as the Democratic Party’s choice for president at the Democratic National Convention in August, those who had bought shares in her would be paid a 51-cent profit per share by PredictIt.

As of publication, Harris’ stock is priced at 49 cents and is rising. She’s followed by Biden, whose stock is 30 cents and falling, a riskier bet.

Just a month ago, Harris stood at five cents a share, revealing how much the debates have truly roiled the party. At that same time, Biden was selling at 86 cents.

Democratic state governors, like California Gov. Gavin Newsom, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton follow Biden.

In Body Image

Harris and the possibility of her nomination for president are experiencing massive popularity—both seriously and in jest.

Today, Reuters reported that a handful of Biden campaign officials see her as the “top choice” to replace Biden should he drop out of the presidential race. Now, X users are sharing an influx of Harris-themed memes about a potential Harris presidency.

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