Kamala Harris over White House and coconuts

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K-Hive memes take over as Dems try to coconut-pill themselves into voting Harris for president

The memes come amid talk of replacing Biden.


Katherine Huggins


As talk of President Joe Biden hypothetically being replaced as the Democratic nominee continues to swirl, ironic support for Vice President Kamala Harris is taking over the internet.

Harris has had a relatively uneventful vice presidency, but several viral moments of hers, as well as memories of her failed 2020 bid, are being repurposed into a K-Hive movement whose support stems entirely from the fact that she’s the only option to actually replace Biden.

A number of users have shared memes riffing off Kamala’s most viral moment, discussing her mother’s story about a coconut tree.

“mr. gorbachev, tear down this coconut tree!” joked one.

The infamous phrase—“You think you just fell out of a coconut tree? You exist in the context of all in which you live and what came before you”—comes from Harris quoting her mother essentially saying that everything happens for a reason.

The coconut-pilling went even further, with some social media users proposing an unusual coalition as an alternative: Harris and progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) joining forces.

“Let’s do it,” wrote on user on X, posting a fake Harris-Sanders campaign ad.


“Bernie with Kamala,” joked someone else of the movie Vice.

Another shared an image of FDR and Stalin, highlighting the unlikely union.

While Biden has not stepped aside from campaigning, there has been a push from some Democrats for the 81-year-old candidate to step aside following his debate performance last week.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) has called for Biden to withdraw from the race, former Rep. Tim Ryan backed the idea of Harris replacing Biden, and other pundits have voiced similar opinions.

A leaked post-debate poll shared by Puck News found the president tumbling in swing states and beyond. A separate survey conducted Friday shows that Harris would be voters’ top choice if Biden were to be replaced.

And memes floating a Harris-Sanders coalition have particularly seized social media.

“Bernie bros going full Kamala out of the blue today like,” joked one person, highlighting the contrast of progressives “Abolish the Police” principles with Harris’ “Kopmala” bona fides.

But what started as an ironic meme trend has led to some people pointing out the possible merits of the proposal.

“A Harris-Sanders ticket reconstitutes the Obama coalition. Just saying,” wrote Elie Mystal.

“in a purely strategic sense kamala / bernie would be insane,” wrote one person. “i don’t think anything great would happen given kamalas bad politics and bernie just hanging out as VP but it would unite dem loyalists and be an ‘olive branch’ to the left. biden dropping out would also energize dems”

Mused another user: “Bernie as the anti-Cheney elder VP. Not a bad idea.”

“A Kamala-Bernie ticket would slap,” wrote a separate person.

Others are supporting the idea just for the laughs.

“I don’t care if it wouldn’t work, it would be funny,” one person said. “Im context maxxing. Im coconut pilled.”

For her part, when asked if she’d be ready to lead the country if needed, Harris gave deference to Biden.

“I am proud to be Joe Biden’s running mate,” she replied.

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