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Biden baffles with ‘we finally beat Medicare’ comment

People weren’t sure what he meant.


David Covucci


President Joe Biden‘s debate night began on a rocky note, with a series of coughs and throat clearings weighing him down in his opening remarks. But a comment where he said “We beat Medicare” left people online stunned and confused.

It was a serious stumble that truly stupefied, just moments after a series of other gaffes.

When discussing his administration’s response to taxes and COVID-19, Biden lost his train of thought and, after a lengthy pause launched into a non-sequitor, saying, “Look, we finally beat Medicare.”

Leading into the moment, Biden had several other stumbles, discussing America’s rate of “trillionaires” when he meant “billionaires,” but this moment left people only completely shocked.

What Biden probably meant is that his administration is now able to negotiate Medicare drug prices with pharmacy companies, but “we beat Medicare” did not help sell that message whatsoever.

Trump jumped on the moment, saying “Well he’s right. He did beat Medicaid. Beat it to death,” claiming healthcare for illegal immigrants is bankrupting the policy.

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