Biden's poop sleuths want you to know that he didn't soil his pants

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Conservatives are once again fighting over whether Biden pooped his pants

Video of the president in France is being cited as evidence of the unintended defecation.


Mikael Thalen


Conservatives and liberals once again are fighting over whether President Joe Biden soiled his pants.

Footage began circulating online Thursday of the president attending a ceremony for the 80th anniversary of the D-Day invasion in France, in which he appears to be struggling while bent over.

“Awkward,” wrote @RNCResearch.

The video quickly went viral and was met with claims from the right that Biden was cluelessly defecating as world leaders such as French President Emmanuel Macron stood nearby.

“I enjoy listening to talking heads telling me how sharp and aware Biden is in private meetings while he poops himself before a live audience,” one user wrote.

The allegation was soon followed up with another clip of Biden leaving, with poop truthers following that he was escorted from the event early by his wife Jill to clean up the supposed mess.

“BREAKING: Jill Biden abruptly pulls Joe Biden from Normandy event as Macron stays behind to meet greet veterans,” another account claimed. “Did Joe just poop himself?”

In reality, there’s no evidence whatsoever to indicate that Biden lost control of his bowels during the ceremony. And conservatives have repeatedly accused the president of defecating in his pants without evidence over the past several years.

Nevertheless, the claim surrounding the president’s visit to France has only grown. The unfounded allegation received a significant boost as well after being promoted by conspiracy theorist and InfoWars host Alex Jones.

But not all everyone were convinced. The right-wing YouTuber known as Viva Frei argued that Biden was merely attempting to sit in a chair but was monetarily stopped by Jill.

“There is a chair behind him. He was going to sit and it seems Jill was telling him it’s not quite time to sit yet,” Frei wrote. “Sorry, peeps, nope, he’s not pooping himself.”

Unsurprisingly, many of Frei’s followers did not agree with the YouTuber’s assumption.

“Then why did Jill rush him out instead of joining Macron in shaking hands with the vets?” one user responded.

“I reject your reality and insert my own. He pooped,” another, perhaps jokingly, said.

A handful of users did appear to change their opinion, though, after seeing both the full clip and Frei’s analysis.

“I bought into it. I’m such a dolt. Ugh. Good lesson. Thanks for the share,” one commenter said.

“Thank you. It makes me nuts when people feel they have to make things up. It was bad enough as it was,” another user said. “But clearly he was returning to his chair and he thought it was okay to sit down.”

Biden’s liberal defenders also highlighted the chair, claiming the clips shared were deceptive.

“What’s this garbage?” wrote Ed Krassenstein. “There is literally a chair right behind Biden that he literally sat in a few seconds after you cut this clip.”

And despite their outrage, liberals themselves have long-held fantasies of former President Donald Trump wearing adult diapers.

In the end, 2024 may come down to the candidate who seems less likely to soil themselves while in office.

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