People assessing hazmat threat in front of Exterior view of the National Republican Congressional Committee (RNC) office in Washington, DC.

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‘Did a Trump diaper burst’: Hazmat threat, lockdown at RNC HQ prompts jokes about cause

The lockdown was lifted shortly before 10am.


Katherine Huggins


Several left-wing social media users were far from concerned about the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) headquarters implementing a lockdown due to a reported Hazmat threat.

According to NBC News’ Dasha Burns, the Republicans’ headquarters in Washington, D.C. went into lockdown Wednesday morning after vials of blood were sent to it and a hazarous materials team was called on the scene.

Rep. Rich Hudson (R-N.C.) told colleagues in a closed meeting that due to a “suspicious package,” the RNC “called hazmat and can’t open until they can fully clear the package” out of an abundance of caution, according to Punchbowl News.

According to the New York Post, an “all clear” was given around 9:40am and employees were allowed to return to their offices.

The RNC has not yet put out a statement in response to the incident.

While some right-wing proponents promoted baseless claims that Democrats are using the lockdown to plant bugs in their opponents’ headquarters and mockingly tied Hunter Biden to the incident (due to earlier reports mentioning a possible white powder in the package), left-wing critics cracked jokes over the incident.

“Relax! They were delivered by door dash,” wrote one person on X. “It’s just Stephen Miller’s breakfast. Damn.”

A handful of other users similarly joked that the package was for Miller, the former senior adviser to former President Donald Trump known for his hardline immigration views.

“Stephen Miller was really thirsty,” wrote one person.

“Did a Trump diaper burst?” taunted another user, referencing a recent viral meme about Trump supporters showing their love for the former president by donning undergarments.

“Trump fart again?” echoed someone else, referencing viral rumors about Trump’s alleged flatulence during his criminal hush money trial in New York.

Others joked about Republican grooming habits.

“We’re finally about to get an answer to the age old question: how much axe body spray is too much?” quipped another person.

Someone else joked: “We all feared the day Trump discovers Taco Bell. Now it is upon us.”

No suspect has been identified by authorities.

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