woman mocked for tweeting vote trump


Trump praises woman for saying she’d ‘wade through a sea of COVID infested water’ to vote for him

The woman, Heather, is getting mocked online.

Oct 7, 2020, 5:45 pm*



Onaje McDowelle

A Twitter user named Heather is facing intense scrutiny after tweeting that she’d do literally anything in order to cast a vote for President Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election. The tweet was picked up by the president, who cosigned the message, thanking Heather for her support.

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"I would wade through a sea of COVID infested water to vote for President Trump on November 3rd," the woman wrote on Twitter Wednesday, causing "Heather" to begin trending on the platform shortly after, with over 30,000 tweets and counting.

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Following a week of turmoil after Trump tested positive for COVID-19 and was admitted into the Walter Reed Medical Center for treatment, only to be released shortly after while assuring Americans not to "be afraid of Covid," the tweet drew immediate and widespread backlash from other netizens casting the woman as a "disgrace" and a "bootlicker."

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"Great point heather! i, too, would rather fucking die first," one user quipped.

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Various other Heather's online took offense to the woman's actions, effectively shaming her from the name cohort. "A thousand curses on this woman for besmirching the name of Heather with this sentiment," one wrote.

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Heather has yet to directly respond to the hate she received for her tweet, however, she did follow up with another post doubling down on her support for Trump and reaffirming his notorious anti-mask stance.

"Yeah, yeah... I know that Hillary Clinton planned, financed, & executed the Russia hoax to try to destroy the President we elected & Obama knew everything...," Heather wrote, "....but, the media says we should care more about President Trump taking off his mask..on a balcony...at his home."

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*First Published: Oct 7, 2020, 5:44 pm