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‘They have to’: Biden’s debate start was so bad people are already clamoring to replace him

Biden’s sluggish performance left people wondering if there’s an alternative.


Marlon Ettinger


President Joe Biden opened up his presidential debate performance against Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump with a raspy voice and a dazed manner, leaving many people wondering if there’s still time to replace him.

“Joe Biden has already lost. He looks and sounds terrible,” posted @realjoshuabolin on X. “Democrats will have to replace him.”

Biden’s slow performance and a couple of early gaffes, including randomly claiming he beat Medicare, led credence to the idea that Biden has slowed down a lot in recent years, a favorite criticism of the president by his Republican rivals.

Some conservatives thought that the performance was so bad that it had to be a set-up as a way to pull Biden and replace him with somebody else.

“Ok, this is a set up. The Dems ran Biden’s ass out there to prove he’s done so they can replace him before the end of July,” posted @liberalismONCMD.

While comparing Trump’s economic record to his own, Biden also accidentally said that there are 1,000 trillionaires in the country before correcting himself and saying billionaires. Biden also said that his administration “beat Medicare.” It wasn’t entirely clear what he was referring to.

“He was right in the way he finished that sentence,” Trump said, claiming that Biden’s immigration policy was beating up Medicare and that letting in immigrants would make social security insoluble. 

Plenty of people saw the debate performance as an ideal opportunity for the Democratic Party to replace Biden with California Governor Gavin Newsom (D), whose name frequently comes up in discussions about the idea.

“Not a political guy at all but it’s obvious the democrats strategy is to show Joe Biden is so incompetent and then replace him with Gavin Newsom,” posted @BarryOnHere.

“Theory. Tonight is actually good for the democrats as now they have to replace Biden,” wrote another.

“That will be another landslide,” replied @resqvol. “However this is embarrassing for all Americans.”

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