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how to spot a deepfake

How to spot a deepfake

It's easier and harder than you think.

On Mar 22, 2019 by Mike Tunison

2020 candidates democrats weed

Where do 2020 Democratic candidates stand on weed?

Legalization of marijuana is a hot-button issue for 2020 Democrats.

On Mar 17, 2019 by Mike Tunison

Two men guzzling Smirnoff Ice with arms interlocked bros icing bros

Seven years after its heyday, Bros Icing Bros is poised for a comeback

Is icing coming back?

On Nov 20, 2017 by Mike Tunison

leeroy jenkins

LEEEEROY JENKINS! 12 facts about Warcraft’s rallying cry


On Nov 12, 2017 by Mike Tunison

8chan founder Fredrick Brennan

What is 8chan, the internet’s most dangerous message board?

Is the messaging board as bad as it seems?

On Sep 10, 2017 by Mike Tunison

star wars kid

The incredibly sad saga of Star Wars Kid

The story of the Star Wars Kid is a lot sadder than you remember.

On Aug 6, 2017 by Mike Tunison

bad luck brian

10 good facts about Bad Luck Brian, the unluckiest meme

Did Bad Luck Brian ever catch a break in life?

On Jul 17, 2017 by Mike Tunison

chocolate rain tay zonday

17 fascinating facts about Tay Zonday and ‘Chocolate Rain’

'Chocolate Rain' was memorable, but just how much do you remember?

On Jun 24, 2017 by Mike Tunison

grumpy cat meme

15 surly facts about the late, great Grumpy Cat

Would you learning about him make him less Grumpy? Probably not.

On Jun 6, 2017 by Mike Tunison

Honey badger

16 frisky facts you didn’t know about the honey badger

The honey badger was a viral sensation for all the right reasons.

On May 28, 2017 by Mike Tunison

Sad Keanu Reeves pattern

7 things you didn’t know about Sad Keanu

You know Sad Keanu, but do you know if Keanu was even sad?

On May 4, 2017 by Mike Tunison