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Promotional illustration from Activision. Bungie unveils an incredible new part of its Destiny expansion The Taken King
Bungie saves the best for last in the final leg of the hype train’s journey.
bb8 toy You can control the new 'Star Wars' BB-8 toy with your phone
Is this the cutest 'Star Wars' toy of all time? Yes, yes it is.
Screengrab from a YouTube video. Grand Theft Auto V mod adds a Star Destroyer to Los Santos
Who needs blimps when the Empire can invade instead?
Niobe variant cover by Hyoung Taek Nam Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg brings a strong new voice to comics
The outspoken teen is determined to do more than just talk about issues of race in the media.
Nintendo opens digital storefront on Amazon
And puts to bed rumors of an Amazon beef.
Sci-fi author's robotic clone plans to keep humans in a 'people zoo'
When PBS reporters asked this artificially intelligent machine about the future, its answer shocked them.
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