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Jennifer Lopes angel wingsWhat the obsession with Jennifer Lopez’s birthday dress says about us
The problem isn’t what Lopez wore. It's how we’re talking about it.
'Paper Towns' is still a feminist movie—even if it isn't perfect
Trying to dismantle a sexist trope isn't enough for art to be 'feminist.'
Amy Schumer stand up on Comedy CentralAmy Schumer proves there's more than one way to be a feminist
Her provocative feminism can still be integral to the movement.
before/after illustration of bikini girl from grand theft auto, photoshopped with realistic proportionsBulimia website Photoshops video-game women with realistic proportions
Here's an easy way to make games look better than ever.
Alex Morgan to be first woman on FIFA 16Alex Morgan will represent #USWNT on historic FIFA 16 cover
EA has announced that the cover for FIFA 16 will feature female athletes in some territories.
The real cost of body shaming Serena Williams on social media
It's time she gets the respect—and compensation—that she deserves.
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