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Here’s how to ‘show your room as a cool girl’ like the TikTok trend

Just cool girl things.


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Think about the first time you’ve brought a new significant other into your living space. For many, it can be a bit of an anxious moment. You’ve made it far enough to welcome this person into your private space. They’re looking around and taking in new things about you and your interests. They’re also learning more about how you live and operate in your everyday life.

Of course, if you’re a certified “cool girl,” a major moment like this is nothing to worry about.

One comedian nailed the moment you find yourself showing your room off as a cool girl. She did so by channeling some of the coolest of all girls: surfer chicks. The hilarious take has gone viral and become a favorite to put their own spin on.

“Showing your room off as a cool girl” origins

Comedian Ellen Harrold first poked fun at how girls show off their room to a new guest — particularly a romantic interest.


showing him your room as a cool girl

♬ original sound – ellen harrold

Pointing to photos on the wall, she says, “Here are my Vogue pictures,” before taking a step toward a pile of surfboards in the corner of her room. On the opposite wall was a mirror, which provided the perfect angle for when Harrold did a side jump to mimic surfing on “some of my boards.”

Viewers praised the funny, relatable video. Those who are part of the surfing crowd complimented the comedian’s impressive toe grip on the board, which is audible in the video as she jumps back on her feet and seems to continue the tour of her room as the video cuts off.

The video quickly went viral and has racked up over 12 million views since February.

“Showing your room off as a cool girl” examples

Now, others on TikTok are trying to recreate the too-smooth moment. Some nail it while others make for funny fails. Here’s a selection:

@christinabell_ So nonchalant #surfer #coolgirl ♬ original sound – ellen harrold
@grincesslera 🌊🏄‍♀️#grincesslera ♬ original sound – ellen harrold

im just so nonchalant

♬ original sound – ellen harrold
@shilah.clothier #coolgirls#fyp ♬ original sound – ellen harrold
@raw_rebellious lol we tried ! ski girl edition #coolgirlroom ♬ original sound – ellen harrold

“Newesht addition” 💀

♬ original sound – venessa

showing him your room as a cool girl 🏄🏻‍♀️🌊

♬ original sound – ellen harrold
@andreashanique #surfer #surfergirl ♬ original sound – Andrea Shanique 🐰

Showing him your room as a « cool girl »

♬ original sound – ellen harrold

And it’s just not “cool girls” getting in on the action, this trend is also being adopted by the “cool dudes”:

@sicsurfers Showing her your room as a cool dude #surfing #surfer #fyp ♬ original sound – ellen harrold
@theofficialfirefighters @Trey Vanderpool isn’t a regular guy, he’s a cool guy😎 #firefighter #bananaball #surfer #roomtour #coolgirl #baseballboys ♬ original sound – ellen harrold
@michalnakole showing her your room as cool guy #fyp #protebe #kachow ♬ original sound – ellen harrold

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