Walmart worker says customer accused them of trafficking because they walked her to her car

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‘There are actual victims’: Walmart worker slams customer for claiming to have nearly been trafficked

'There was no AirTag.'


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Posted on Apr 12, 2024   Updated on Apr 25, 2024, 9:29 am CDT

A Walmart worker is calling out a customer who claimed to nearly be a victim of human trafficking in the parking lot. The worker, who was there, says the shopper lied about her experience.

The National Human Trafficking Hotline reported over 10,000 cases of human trafficking in 2021, involving over 16,000 individuals, while the hotline has identified over 82,000 cases of trafficking since its inception in 2007. These numbers include victims of both sex trafficking and forced labor.

With roughly 85% of the hotline’s reported cases including female victims in 2021, it is evident why many women always have their guard up. And it’s fair to say that most women have found themselves in some sort of sketchy scenario, making them fear the worst. 

Still, a lot of fearmongering regarding human trafficking is spread online, leaving many unsure who to trust. TikToker Kira (@its.0nly.forever) advises users to be truthful to their experiences out of respect for those who have actually been through it.

Kira, a Walmart employee, recorded their response to a viral video from a shopper who made false claims about their recent Walmart trip. Their TikTok clip, posted Tuesday, reveals Kira’s side of what actually happened that Friday night.

“This is a really weird video for me to have to make,” Kira prefaces. “A video is going super viral right now, about a woman who said she almost got sex trafficked at Walmart.”

Kira explains that they knows the exact scenario the woman was talking about—because Kira was actually the one who helped her. They point towards their name tag then pan the camera to their local Walmart, proving their relation to the case. 

The original video, which has since been deleted, was posted by a woman named Abby. In the clip, Abby provides an in-depth explanation of how she was aggressively approached in the store and asked to have sexual intercourse with a man who claimed to be a Walmart associate.

After the interaction, Abby claims to have gone to the service desk to get help. Kira then walked her to her car and helped her get situated. But according to Abby, once at the car, Kira allegedly both found an Airtag under Abby’s hood and told her how people’s door handles had been laced with fentanyl.

“This is not a call out,” Kira explains. “I just want to set something straight, because she said a lot of stuff in the video that’s just not true.”

But after leaving comments on Abby’s page explaining what actually happened, Abby both blocked Kira and deleted their comments.

So Kira tells their viewers what they actually witnessed. 

“Some dudes were walking around my Walmart, YouTubers or whatever, they were just harassing women,” Kira says.

The TikToker states that the men were going across the store, lying to women that their car was being towed to get a quick reaction for video content. Kira explains that after Abby had provided the men with all her personal information, she simply went to the customer service counter and said that these men were flirting with her. 

“I don’t feel safe,” Abby told Kira.

So, according to Kira, the pair walked to Abby’s car together. And wanting to play it safe, Kira took extra precaution.

“I walked around her car with my phone, [it] has a built-in thing where [it] can detect tracking devices,” Kira says. “I [did] a lap around her car, and there [was] no AirTag.”

At this point, Kira also wanted to briefly remind Abby of what they had heard a few years prior. Supposedly, at other Walmart locations, men had placed fentanyl on women’s car door handles so that they pass out while driving. So Kira made sure Abby got into the car without touching the door handles. 

Kira explains in her video that they didn’t realize the men in question were YouTubers at the time. 

“I didn’t realize that they were just [expletive] hooligans in my Walmart,” Kira says. 

And this is when the alleged white-lies in Abby’s original video began to take light.

@its.0nly.forever this happened friday night and it's been an interesting day for me overall. @Abby #walmart #traffickingawareness #callout #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #walmartemployee #harassmentawareness #lying ♬ original sound – Kira

“She says that I told her it happened at my Walmart, it has not,” Kira says.

Adding this to the string of allegedly false accusations Abby had made, Kira began to show her frustrations to her audience. Looking directly at the camera, Kira explains that this kind of behavior, for whatever reason it may be, is not OK. 

“There are actual victims of sex trafficking out there,” Kira says. “It’s so disrespectful to say that and post the narrative that [Abby] did.”

Now while Kira did point out that her interactions with Abby at the Walmart were all incredibly well-mannered, she continues to explain how frustrating it is for Abby to come up with such outlandish claims. So, Kira decided to call her out by tagging her in the video. 

They accidentally tagged another Abby (@abberscadabbers), whose account consists of 23 followers, no bio, and one short, yet slightly bizarre, dog video. 

This left Kira’s audience confused, but also offered a more lighthearted comments section to the ordeal.

“They tagged the wrong person, but we get to see a cute dog so a win,” one commenter said. 

“I fear [they] may have tagged the wrong person,” another mentioned. And this Abby responded back.

“Um, she definitely did, I just watched her vid.. This is literally the only thing I’ve ever posted lol,” the creator responded. 

Regardless, it’s apparent that news of Kira’s video has gotten back to the real Abby. Her original video has been deleted entirely, yet it’s been reposted to TikTok by other users several times.

“I thought it was fishy when she said she found an Airtag taped under her hood. You can’t easily open a hood without keys,” one person mentioned. 

And while this has turned out to become a viral game of he-said-she-said, it has brought a lot of publicity to both parties—and the movement to end human trafficking as a whole. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Kira (@its.0nly.forever) and Abby (@abberscadabbers) via TikTok direct message.

Update April 25, 9:28am CT: In an exclusive with the Daily Dot, Kira informed the Daily Dot that they have since not heard from Abby, nor has she come back to their Walmart.

“She kinda just disappeared after too many people called her out. Her roommate came to my Walmart and tried to fight the AP home office dude, but obviously we have the tapes/evidence that she [Abby] was lying so she didn’t get too far.”

Before signing-off Kira once again just wanted to emphasize the importance of truth-telling, because Kira understands how harmful it can be to fabricate these stories, especially for the victim.

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*First Published: Apr 12, 2024, 3:49 pm CDT