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The internet unites in thirst over Manny Jacinto in ‘The Acolyte,’ and his former co-star D’Arcy Carden understands why

The ‘Good Place’ co-star was well ahead of the curve on the ‘Acolyte’ standout.


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Greetings from the Bad Place. Many people are watching the Disney+ Star Wars series, The Acolyte. Many toxic people are watching just to review bomb it, but for those approaching it like adults, there’s been a ton to enjoy, especially as the series has continued on.

Manny Jacinto turns heads in The Acolyte

Not least of these enjoyable things has been Manny Jacinto as (warning: spoilers) new Sith, Qimir. For his performance? Of course.

But uh…that ain’t all:

Yup, Jacinto got ripped for the role. And Twitter won’t shut up about it.

The Good Place costar D’Arcy Carden saw it coming

The Canadian actor’s physique may have come as a surprise to most viewers, but for those who witnessed his previously best-known role of Jason Mendoza, the Jacksonville, Florida trashbag-with-a-heart-of-gold who won the nation’s hearts from 2016-2020 on NBC’s The Good Place, this wasn’t much of a shock.

Especially to those who had a front-row seat…

D’Arcy Carden, who played afterlife Siri, Janet, chimed in to remind us that yes, she was ahead of the curve on this one.

For much of the show’s run, Janet and Jason shared a romance, giving Carden the opportunity to spend a lot more time with Jacinto than some of her co-stars. 

While the dimmest, goofiest character on The Good Place, Jacinto’s hotness was always just below the surface, the thirst shock from his role in The Acolyte is still fairly understandable.

Social media reacts to Manny on The Acolyte

However, in retrospect, this development really should have been obvious to anyone with eyes. 

Is it any wonder that Jacinto is now set to play the romantic lead opposite Lindsay Lohan in freaking Freaky Friday 2?! 

Stay thirsty, Jacinto fans (Jacintees?) because the world is catching on and there’s a lot more Manny on the way!

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