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Antisemites on X demand Musk reinstate former Marine suspended for burning Talmud

Musk is being accused of hypocrisy.


Marlon Ettinger


Angelo John Gage, who goes by Lucas Gage on social media, was suspended from X after posting a video over the weekend of himself slashing an Israeli flag with a sword captioned “Death to Jewish supremacy.” 

Gage is now also claiming on Telegram and his Rumble channel that Jewish critics of his actions got him swatted and are sending threats to him and his family, forcing him to move them out of his home.

The move has prompted an outcry from Gage supporters on X, who claim he was banned for exercising his freedom of speech, insinuating that Elon Musk, who has faced his accusations of antisemitism himself, is now biased for Israel.

Gage, who spent years in white supremacist groups like the National Youth Front, Identity Evropa, and the neo-Nazi skinhead American Freedom Party, has tried to reinvent himself as a critic of “Jewish supremacy.”

He exploded in popularity on X in the wake of Israel’s deadly war on Gaza following the Oct. 7 attack on Israel last year.

Gage has continued to associate with open antisemites like Hitler fan Nick Fuentes. Gage was scheduled to be a featured speaker at Fuentes’ AFPAC last month before it was canceled after confrontations between attendees and security.

In the video that appears to have gotten Gage suspended, he cuts up the Israeli flag with a sword.

“So behind me I have the satanic flag of the parasite colony that is called ‘Israel,’” Gage said. “This was gifted to me by a Jewish person who thought it was funny to send me it.”

He explains that he’s going to destroy the flag with a Roman sword called a “gladius” in honor of his Roman ancestors and to “honor all the fallen gentiles who were victims of Jewish supremacy and terrorism.”

Gage goes on to claim that he’s doing it to honor John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert F. Kennedy, and John’s son, JFK Jr., who he says were all assassinated by “the Jews.”

While the Kennedy assassinations have prompted numerous conspiracies, most of them don’t center on Jews.

Gage also claims that Jews were behind the 9/11 attacks. In a nod to his pro-Palestine positions, he also says he’s destroying the flag to honor Palestinian victims of Jewish people, referring to the actions of the Israeli army in Gaza.

Gage also burned a copy of the Talmud, a collection of rabbinical theological writings that are the main source of Jewish law.

Gage claimed on Rumble and Telegram that after posting the video, he got a swarm of threats.

Local police came to his house after receiving a call “from someone who said they were going to come to my home and kill everyone here because I burned the Talmud,” Gage said, posting a still from a surveillance video of himself talking with a police officer on his front porch.

Gage also claimed in a video posted on his Rumble channel that he’d been locked out of his X account and then banned for six months for incitement to violence.

While Gage’s account has been suspended, the Daily Dot was unable to confirm the length of the ban.

“It is against our rule to incite, promote or encourage others to commit (violent) acts of harm,” a screenshot of the email Gage put up on the livestream reads.

“Where did I fucking do that?” Gage asked angrily. “Show me one post where I said ‘you need to go do this. You should get weapons and do that.’ Where did I incite fucking violence? Was it the Israeli flag protest where I cut it with the sword? That’s protesting the state of Israel and the flag … Was it burning the Talmud? Which is not even the real version, it’s the English version … the Talmud is like this many volumes.”

News of Gage’s suspension roiled X’s antisemitic posters, whose activity exploded when Musk took over.

Some shared the picture of him burning the Talmud and called on Musk to reinstate him. 

Musk has, in the wake of Oct. 7, been accused of harboring antisemitic views. But the suspension prompted many to take the opposite tack, now claiming Musk was a biased Zionist, highlighting a burning of the Quran they say didn’t prompt a suspension. 

Musk, who frequently weighs in on happenings on his platform, has yet to chime in. 

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