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neil gaiman

neil gaiman The film adaptation of 'How to Talk to Girls at Parties' will start production in November
The film that's been in the works for at least five years has a production start date.
american gods Neil Gaiman and Bryan Fuller's 'American Gods' TV show looks amazing
Could we get any more hyped for the American Gods series? Apparently so.
Starz picks up Bryan Fuller's 'American Gods' series
And no, Tom Hardy will not be playing the lead.
joseph gordon-levitt sandman Joseph Gordon-Levitt hints at a softer 'Sandman'
He has one guarantee for the main character of 'Sandman.'
neil gaiman Neil Gaiman responds to Christian mothers' efforts to kill 'Lucifer'
A Christian group is boycotting the TV show 'Lucifer.' Unsurprisingly, Neil Gaiman disagrees.
Is it time to stop reading books by white men?
In order to achieve literary equality, readers must discriminate.