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Jimmy Carter at Braves game President Jimmy Carter plants a smooch on his wife during Kiss Cam
When you're on the Kiss Cam, there's only one thing to do.
Jon Stewart and Guests 21 of Jon Stewart's best political interviews on 'The Daily Show'
He skewered American politics for 16 years. Here are some of his best high-profile chats.
older obama shaking hands with younger obama The physical toll of U.S. presidency in 10 GIFs
The next time you find yourself freaking out over a new mole or wrinkle, just take a look at what years of running the world’s most powerful country did to the mugs of these guys.
All sizes | Former President Jimmy Carter looks through a naval firefighting thermal imager. | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Jimmy Carter just discovered this crazy new thing called 'texting'
Stephen Colbert has done it again.
Mailbox and Apple Tree Sorry, Jimmy Carter—the government monitors snail mail too
The former president said he uses the post office to avoid surveillance. If only it were that easy.