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Emmy award Netflix and Amazon aim to strike gold with Emmy nominations
Netflix acquired 34 nominations while Amazon came in strong with 12.
collage of many netflix shows The 100 best Netflix releases of 2015
Your queue is about to explode.
Dear straight white men—it's time to give someone else a turn in Hollywood
Hollywood is nothing but a Men's Rights softball team, but Netflix is leading the way for change.
remote control After a bad breakup, who gets the Netflix and HBOGo passwords?
Breaking up is hard to do. It's even harder when your ex keeps adding 'Planet Earth' to your queue.
Netflix Subtitle Icon Pattern Joel and Ethan Coen diss Netflix at Cannes
The Coen brothers aren’t exactly the biggest fans of TV or Netflix.
daredevil cast Finally, some viewership ratings for Netflix
Luth Research has finally wrestled some viewership data away from Netflix.
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