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google chrome

Flash ads will no longer auto-play in Google Chrome
Flash ads are now a thing of the past on Chrome.
internet company logos on keyboard Keyboard Privacy Chrome extension makes tracking your typing behavior much harder
If you're worried about companies building a typing behavior profile of you, this is the extension to install.
ice floe with the facebook logo engraved in it Here's a way to discover who unfriended you on Facebook
Do you really think you can handle it?
Screengrab of the Kernel with Instacats InstaCats makes longreads bearable by inserting pictures of cats
Make longreads much cuter with this Chrome extension.
Rand Paul Taco in a pocket Magical new Chrome extension turns every 'Rand Paul' into 'Taco Bonerstink'
It also changes Chuck Johnson's name to Floor Pooper. You're welcome.
Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger gathers more data than you might think
It's stalking we all opt into, but we can stop it.
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