Make America kittens again with this Trump-replacing Chrome extension

Make America Kittens Again

Photo via Google


Like it or not, Donald Trump‘s face is here to stay. From being named Time magazine’s person of the year, to daily coverage of his transitional plans, you can’t glance at a news source—let alone social media—without seeing Trump’s face several times over.

Or can you?

With the help of a Google Chrome extension called “Make America Kittens Again” you can find sweet relief, in the form of kittens. 

The extension finds headlines with Trump’s name in them and replaces the associated images with pictures of adorable little furballs snuggling, playing, and being generally kittenish.

NY Times/Make America Kittens Again

The tool works particularly well on the New York Times. Simply pop the extension into Chrome, and coverage of Trump’s cabinet is transformed into a full-on kitten party.

NY Times/Make America Kittens Again

Behold, a cabinet full of kittens.

NY Times/Make America Kittens Again

Unfortunately, as some reviewers have noted, the extension does not appear to work as well elsewhere. As a result, other news sources remain totally Trump-ified, and void of kittens. Sad!

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