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Why you should update Google Chrome

The security updates are just the beginning.


Monica Riese


We’re guilty of it too: You leave a dozen tabs open all day, close your laptop at night, and keep adding to them the next day. But Mac users, it’s time to give Chrome a rest—and a chance to update itself.

In addition to patching a variety of security vulnerabilities and a nifty adjustment that allows for automatically hyphenating words that break across lines, Chrome 55.0.2883.75 for Mac also makes HTML5 the default for browsing. While the browser has been slowly weaning the world off of Flash for over a year now, this latest update marks the “most visible move away from Flash” so far, according to MacRumors. Only the 10 most popular websites—like Amazon and Facebook—will be exempt from the new Flash restrictions.

Most of the time, Google Chrome will automatically update itself when the program is relaunched, but if you need to check for updates manually, simply go to the Preferences menu of the Chrome drop-down and click on the About tab.

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