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Oceanic esports organization Nuovo Gaming has picked up a Counter-Strike team Nuovo Gaming pick up Oceanic CS:GO team
The organization is already expanding just three days after its launch.
New Oceanic esports organization Nuovo Gaming has picked up StarCraft 2 player iaguz Oceania's new esports org Nuovo Gaming picks up SC2 player iaguz
Nuovo is getting into the Blizzard titles early, also picking up Hearthstone player TomFLR.
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet. These nerdy candles will delight your senses
Don't worry, the Red Wedding candle doesn't smell like what you think it does.
Adam Jensen is back to deliver a buttkicking. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided debuts more cybernetic implants in new trailer
Time to don your best duds from 'The Matrix' fashion collection and take out some jerks.
image of a raccoon and a penguin Retro gaming publishing project Boss Fight Books hits it big on Kickstarter
If you're passionate about retro games, you might swoon over Boss Fight Books.