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Think you could be a cashier? There’s a game for that—the McDonald’s POS Training Simulator

Ever wondered how you might be as a McDonald’s cashier? Now you can find out.


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Ever stood at McDonald’s, marveling at how the cashier seems to tap on their screens with wizard-like speed? Ever think you could do it? Well, now you have your chance. Welcome to the secret sauce behind that—the McDonald’s POS (Point of Sale) Training Simulator.

Why is McDonald’s POS training a game?

McDonald’s isn’t just flipping burgers; they’re flipping the traditional training method on its head. Instead of yawning through tedious training sessions, future cashiers dive into a virtual McDonald’s universe. It’s a place where the fries are always hot, the milkshakes never malfunction, and the pressure to get the order right is as real as it gets.

How to download and play the McDonald’s POS training game

Here’s the fun part: this downloadable game, co-created with Kineo, transforms the cashier-in-making into a digital wizard. Just imagine a screen with numbers and rows of lip-smacking items like the Big Mac and McNuggets, with mouth-watering images. Now, toss in size options from “just a nibble” (small) to “I’m starving” (XL), not forgetting the early morning chorus of breakfast items and sweet dessert serenades.

As players dance through the levels, the POS simulator throws McChallenges their way. It starts easy—tap a number, pick a burger, and voila! But then, it’s not just about choosing the right burger; it’s about getting the size right, adding the McFlurry, and not forgetting the Diet Coke! It’s like playing Twister, but with your fingers and fast food.

How do you play the McDonald’s POS simulator?

This is for more than just employees. A July 2023 Daily Dot article reported on how McDonald’s customers are downloading and diving into the game. You can do the same if you’ve got time to spare and an itch to see if you’ve got the McMagic. Fair warning: This might change your perspective on how you see McDonald’s.

The POS simulator also has a ‘secret menu’

Besides nurturing nimble-fingered cashiers, there’s a secret McMenu of benefits in the POS simulator:

  • Real-World Skills: From order juggling to customer handling, it’s a crash course in etiquette.
  • Memory Boost: Have you ever tried remembering a family order of four, each with its own customizations? This is your brain gym.
  • Time Management: In the world of McSeconds, every moment counts.

Remember, the next time you experience satisfactory McDonald’s service, there’s a good chance a game helped make it happen. Dive into the world of McDonald’s training, and perhaps you’ll find yourself itching to wear that iconic uniform.

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