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Firenade Firenado erupts after lightning strike at bourbon warehouse
Many fish were harmed in the making of this video.
abstract art of facebook logo The terrifying reason you should be careful who you're friends with on Facebook
Welcome to the future of privacy on the Internet.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Fox & Friends Fox News isn't real news
And Elizabeth Hasselbeck isn't a journalist. So why do we keep paying attention?
abstract art of facebook logo Facebook Likes can paint a very intimate picture of who we are
'It's much more difficult to monitor your appearances and opinions in years of your Facebook history.'
guy faking enthusiasm at table Here's what Facebook status updates would look like in real life
At least two of these statuses are on your Facebook wall right now.
Matt Neal with his Yeezys This guy will trade you a pair of Yeezys for a functioning kidney
'If I don’t get a kidney from this post, but 20 other people do, that’s enough for me.'