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Moon Footprint The 13 most viral hoaxes of 2014
Nothing is real.
Pregnant Anti-abortion Twitter bot goes silent after NSFW trolling attack
This is what happens when you ask the Internet to name imaginary babies.
nOFG5Po.jpg (3377×2258) 4chan targets Florida teens who set an endangered tortoise on fire
This is as low as it gets. 
4chan-prayer.jpg (1440×720) 4chan's new pet project: Trolling this Florida televangelist
“Until you've had a pipe bomb sent to your office, you don't even count.”
imgur: the simple image sharer No, Lorde didn't ask 4chan to critique 'Royals' in 2012
Nope, they're not on each other's team.
3607329397_0dff838d2f_o.jpg (4066×2701) Kitten from viral abuse videos is alive and well
While the French police have arrested the alleged abuser, the kitten from the viral videos is being cared for.