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‘He has spoken’: Seth Rogen deletes tweet after boosting antisemitic 4chan campaign

‘We’re reaching levels of nooticing that should be possible.’


David Covucci


Seth Rogen deleted a tweet on Friday asking people to see how antisemitism was thriving on Twitter after racists on 4chan cheered that he was amplifying their troll campaign.

“Anyone want to see how much anti-semitism is thriving right now, just check the hashtag #TheNoticing,” the deleted tweet read.

Although it’s unclear exactly why Rogen deleted it, some users in response to him pointed out that he was drawing attention to some of the internet’s worst bigots, who were actively pushing “The Noticing.”

Rogen’s tweet came in the hours after Elon Musk purchased Twitter and proclaimed “This bird is free.” In the wake of that tweet, Twitter’s most vile posters did their best to flood the site with slurs.

A study by the Network Contagion Research Institute found there was a 500% spike in use of the N-word after Musk officially took over.

The specific hashtag Rogen pointed to has its roots on 4chan.

A user on 4chan kicked off the campaign, claiming that the Twitter search algorithm was pushing pro-Jewish accounts and talking points and that the noxious site was the only group of people who could “win a propaganda war.”

They wanted people to take a notice of an number of antisemitic canards they believed in, such as Jews controlling the media. Alongside the campaign, an infographic of Jewish media members also circulated.

After Rogen tweeted it, 4channers shared an image to the tweet. “GREAT NOOTICING IS HAPPENING ON TWITTER,” wrote one. “We’re reaching levels of nooticing that should be possible.”

“He has spoken. Witnessed,” added another.

One of the original accounts that kicked off the campaign, a user named @SomeAryan has been suspended by Twitter. However, a search on the site for the hashtag and the campaign reveals that there is no shortage of antisemitism still flourishing on the site.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Twitter for comment.

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