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finding dory Pixar is doubling down on sequels with its latest lineup
Pixar will have four sequels coming out in the next few years, but are they worth making?
ant-man werner herzog 'Ant-Man' reimagined as a Werner Herzog documentary
'He can lift a hundred times his body weight...but what does this achieve, but to increase his burden?'
wasp thor What 'Ant-Man' missed by failing to include the Wasp
Janet Van Dyne was a founding member of the Avengers team. Here's why she should be in the MCU.
hope van dyn Why isn't Hope Van Dyne the star of 'Ant-Man'?
'Ant-Man' was a fun movie, but it failed its female lead.
antman Everything you need to know about Ant-Man
Who is Ant-Man, and why is he getting his own movie? We have all the answers.
christine everhart Marvel made a fake TV news channel to promote 'Ant-Man'
Watch closely for a reference to 'Captain America: Civil War'!
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