Horses clash with tanks in Battlefield 1's open beta test, starting today

Battlefield 1 preview photo

Illustration via Electronic Arts (Licensed)

Get ready to ride into battle—on an actual horse.
Battlefield franchise fans will wade into the thick of World War I today as Dice releases the Battlefield 1's first open beta test. 

While Battlefield Insider members fired the first shots on Tuesday, access to everyone else who wants to enter the fray opens today. Dice has not announced a start time for the open beta, but the beta download already appears active on EA Origin. 

To get into the game just look for the beta in the PlayStation and Xbox stores, or Origin on PC. No code is needed. 

The beta gives players access to the Sinai Desert map, where combatants can expect old-school elements of war—nimble cavalry soldiers wielding sabers—to clash with the deadly modern machinery of tanks, planes, and even a battle-armored train. 

Two modes included in the beta are Rush Mode, described on Battlefield 1's beta preview page as "a 24-player mode where the attacking force must find and destroy the defending force's telegraph posts, which can be used to call in artillery strikes," and Conquest Mode, "a large-scale game mode with up to 64 players fighting for control of key objectives." 

Good luck out there—especially those of you bringing a horse to a tank fight.

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