When it comes to making music, using real instruments is almost too easy.

Joe Penna, better known as YouTube’s Mystery Guitar Man, has practically perfected looping, a process in which short samples of sounds and music are collected and played on repeat, but he’s not the only YouTuber using the technique.

Randy Chang of The Safehouse Project, inspired by Penna, arranged an instrumental cover of Foster the People's "Houdini," but instead of limiting his options to regular instruments, he created his own loops using ordinary household items.

In a single take, he slams the top of a BMW, jingles his car keys, and claps before he introduces the regular instruments. Even with all the preparation, he doesn't get the one wine glass to sound how he wants it to right away, but once he does, he doesn't skip a beat.

H/T Reddit | Photo via TheSafehouseProject/YouTube