'Class' is a disappointing addition to the 'Doctor Who' universe
Set in an English sixth-form college, the new teen-friendly 'Doctor Who' spinoff doesn't live up to the hype.
Last night's NFL game was so bad, it broke all the probability graphs
Statistics just can't predict catastrophic human error.
Pokémon Go is giving you tricks and treats this Halloween
The game's first in-app event is going to be sweet.
'Attack on Titan' and 'Evangelion' are getting rides at Japan's Universal Studios
The 'Attack on Titan' theme park experience is not for the faint of heart.
Hundreds show up for historic yoga pants parade at man's house
The protest was just as much about casual sexism as it was about clothes.
Watch a Trump-supporting Tom Hanks win bigly at 'SNL's 'Black Jeopardy'
A Trump supporter who's a natural at Black Jeopardy. Who would've thought?
I crowdfunded a parking ticket I didn't want to pay
The internet is surprisingly generous.
Pawn shop laptops are an identity thief's dream
Pawn Stars have problems too.
Meet the man trolling Donald Trump with a Trump TV domain
Trump's plan B if he doesn't win the presidency has problems of its own.
Leaky database exposes personal info of 350,000 voters in 4 states
Exposed voter data originates from Montana, New Jersey, California, and Virginia.

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What to watch for at the FV Cup
Two of the last places in the Capcom Cup will be determined this weekend.
Northern Ireland court upholds ruling of bakery discriminating against gay man
The bakery wouldn't make a same-sex Bert and Ernie cake.
The eviction of a refugee camp in France is being streamed on Facebook Live
Media outlets have drawn fire after live streaming queues of migrants awaiting processing.
Take a video tour of the DC Entertainment offices
Check out the secret vault of vintage comics.
I crowdfunded a parking ticket I didn't want to pay
The internet is surprisingly generous.