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‘Them gossip sessions are fire I bet’: Man gets job at AutoZone to work with other guys. It backfires

'POV: you applied @ AutoZone to work with guys.'


Allyson Waller


Posted on Apr 25, 2024   Updated on Apr 25, 2024, 9:19 am CDT

A man’s plan to get a job at AutoZone so he could be around other men considerably backfired as a recent TikTok video shows him as the lone male employee among a handful of women.

The video, which was posted by Laura Gonzales (@laaurrittaa), has received more than 930,000 views and more than 98,000 likes as of Wednesday evening.

In the video, a camera pans, showing various female employees. After it passes about four employees, it then zeroes in on a male employee shaking his head. It’s possible that Gonzales was the one filming and behind the camera, although that’s not immediately made clear.

The video was captioned, “POV: you applied @ AutoZone to work with guys.”

Some commenters expressed that it’s not that much of a surprise to see a woman work at an automotive store. Also, some said they prefer women over men when it comes to customer service and watercooler talk at work.

“I went to auto zone and the guy working kept giving me the wrong parts. The girl working knew exactly what I was looking for and found it right the first time,” user @bonkerrzz said.

“Them gossip sessions are fire I bet,” user @ape_580 said.

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The Daily Dot reached out to AutoZone via email for a statement. We also reached out to Gonzales via TikTok direct message for more information.

Women only make up about 15% of workers at stores like AutoZone

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women only make up about 15% of workers at automotive parts and tire stores. Also, women only make up about 12% of automotive repair and maintenance roles. The auto industry, like many others, suffers from sexism. Because the auto industry has a decreasing number of people entering the industry every year, it would be wise to be open to more women entering the field, according to Prism Reports.

The website Global Data reports that AutoZone reported that about 24% of its workforce in the U.S. consisted of women in 2021. At the senior level of the company, women made up about 18% of its executive committee, a significant bump from 2020.

If you’re interested in the day in the life of what it’s like as a woman working at AutoZone, just do a simple search on TikTok. So many users have made it easy to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at their work while also debunking the misconception that an automotive retail employee doesn’t have to look a certain way.

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*First Published: Apr 25, 2024, 3:00 pm CDT