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What’s in a TikTok username?

How to choose and change your username.


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Posted on Dec 12, 2019   Updated on May 19, 2021, 8:37 pm CDT

A lot of things can make users stand out on TikTok.

Despite the increasingly fierce competition, TikTok provides a number of ways for users to shine. One of the first things most people see when visiting an account is the username, and selecting a good one can make-or-break an account.

As the short-form video app continues to grow in popularity, finding the perfect username becomes more crucial. We’re here to let you know how to make one. 

How to find the perfect TikTok username

Many first-time TikTok users take the easiest route to select a username: They use their own name, with some simple variation.

Some of TikToks most popular accounts utilized this method. Take, for example, Loren Gray, whose username is simply @lorengray. Others, like Gilmher and Jayden Croes, use the clever twist @croesbros to lend both name recognition and uniqueness to their usernames.

TikTok usernames

There are plenty of other paths to a great username, however. People with relatively common names might struggle to find an available username with name recognition, but they have plenty of other options.

References to timeless jokes, memes, or moments might give users a boost in searches. Alluding to something special about your content is a great way to stand out and connect your username back to your videos. Some Tokkers also create usernames using a foreign language, or by combining favorite words, dates, or memories.

There are things that should be kept in mind before settling on a username, regardless of which direction you choose to go.

TikTok usernames: Important factors

There are several important factors to consider when deciding your TikTok username. As mentioned above, name recognition is one of the most important things to remember when masterminding a new username. This doesnt only apply to TikTok, either. Many TikTok users share their content across social media. This is far more successful when your usernames align, or are at least similar, across your social media pages.

how to get free tiktok followers croesbros

You also want to ensure that your TikTok username is memorable. The first username given to you by the app is randomly generated and often includes a string of numbers.

These usernames are never a good idea to keep, because who is going to remember 7688403840us8? Consider using some of the recommendations above instead to mastermind a new, unique username.

Long usernames are never the best choice. While not all long usernames crash and burn, the vast majority of them are too complex to be easily remembered. You want people to immediately think of your content when they see your username, which they cant do if theyre too busy trying to recall it. Stick with short, simple usernames that give a window into your identity, personality, or your content.

Why does it matter?

If you are just taking to TikTok for fun, your username really doesnt. You can share your username with the close friends you want to see your content, and that can be the end of it. If you are seeking TikTok fame, however, your username is massively important. You have to consider how people will find you, and what they will remember, before youll ever reach a follower count in the thousands.

How to change your TikTok username

Thankfully, changing your TikTok name is not a difficult process.

Once youre logged into the app, just click on “edit profile.” Then you just need to click on your assigned (or old) username and type your new selection into the box. If the name is available, youre golden. If not, the system will prompt you to select a different name.

Make sure to save when finished, and the process is complete!

Pro-tip: Once youve changed your username, you cant change it again for 30 days.

TikTok change username

TikTok name generators

Many new Tokkers use name generators to come up with TikTok username ideas. There are dozens of options for generators online, all of which provide a slew of different, unique options.

One such generator, SpinXo, invites users to enter a few personal details, which it then reworks into a list of unique usernames. Once you’ve entered your name, hobbies, important words, and interests—to name a few—the generator will provide you with several personalized options.

Or, you can go the Childish Gambino route and use the Wu-Tang Clan name generator. Instead of requiring any extra information, this simple (old) generator needs only your name. If you dont like the username it creates for you, you can always use nicknames, favorite characters, or creative combinations until it yields something you like.

TikTok username generator

Other users take to the web to find inspiration but skip the name generator. A favorite site is, which provides an exhaustive list of potential username ideas.

The usernames are sorted into categories, like “funny,” “cute,” “unique,” and even “swag.” If you’re looking for inspiration but want more choices, these resources can be an excellent option.


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*First Published: Dec 12, 2019, 12:00 pm CST