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These movies will make you want to chill.

If you’re not in the mood to Netflix and chill, and actually just want to watch a movie, there are plenty of sexy movies on Netflix that might just change your mind.

To be clear, we’re not writing about porn. You certainly don’t need to pay a fee to Netflix to engage in that desire. Instead, we’re talking about the most passionate movies you can find on the streaming service, the kind that would make you uncomfortable if you happen to catch the flick with your parents in the room. The kind of films that might teach you a few things about desire and lust. The kind of movies that usually star Michael Douglas.

That said, here are the sexiest movies to watch on Netflix, in no particular order, broken down by streaming and DVD only. And if you feel like chilling immediately afterward, well, then we’ve done our job here.

1) Y Tu Mamá También

If you like a bro’d-out road trip with two teenage dudes who have lost their girlfriends for the summer and an older, attractive woman, this Spanish-language movie fits the bill. Add in jealousy, young lust that quickly turns premature, and the whiff of doing something—or somebody—off-limits, and you’ve got a movie worth the subtitles. Plus, there’s simply something sexy about an older, wiser lover teaching a newbie exactly how sex should be performed. 

 2) Fatal Attraction

When the sex—or the sex scene—is so damn good that you’re going to leave a dead rabbit in a pot of boiling water to threaten your married lover (Michael Douglas), that’s quite a feat. But then again, what do you expect after passionate kitchen-counter sex?

3) The Seven Year Itch 

Marilyn Monroe stars in this 1955 classic and produces one of the sexiest movie scenes of all time.

Unfortunately for modern film fans who crave sex scenes, they’ll likely be disappointed. This was the age when the Lawrence Welk Show and the Mickey Mouse Club were two of the most popular TV shows of the era. But life’s sexiest moments are best left to the imagination; there’s nothing sexier than a fantasy of what could happen.  

4) Chef

People pretending to screw on film isn’t the only thing that makes a film sexy. Food porn is also sexy. And you’ll find plenty of that in this Jon Favreau movie. Need a little foreplay? How about watching him make a simple grilled cheese sandwich. Just trust me. 

And in case, you have the endurance for another go at it. 

5) Amélie

The title character is a dreamer, a girl who has the most active imagination but who has little experience with the outside world. Until she goes on an adventure to deliver a man the possessions of a long-lost boy and discovers her true calling. 

Sure, not everything in this movie is completely sexy.

But it’s filled with romance, even if that romance oftentimes is creepy. Of course, creepy can be sexy if you’re of a certain mindset. 

DVD Only

1) Nymph()maniac: Volume One 

It’s the classic tale of the young woman (Charlotte Gainsbourg) who engages in sex with hundreds of lovers and then tells her secrets to an older gentleman (Stellan Skarsgård) who just wants to help. As is to be expected by the title, much of this movie is sexy—apparently there’s actual real sex, though that supposedly is the work of body doubles—and some of it is the exact opposite of that, as the movie delves into humor and pain to tell its story. This is only the first part of a two-part series, so if you find yourself getting into it, there are another two hours of this in Nymph()maniac: Volume Two.

2) Shakespeare in Love 

This movie won Best Picture at the Academy Awards in 1999. Though many observers during the past 17 years have bemoaned that selection, saying the voters should have given the honor to Saving Private Ryan, there’s little doubt the movie—and the performances of Joseph Fiennes, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Geoffrey Rush—is a winner. And oh yeah, there’s all kinds of sneaky 16th-century sex between Fiennes and Paltrow. It’s next to impossible to forget Paltrow spinning out of her clothes during one particular love scene.

3) Basic Instinct

You know exactly why this movie is on this list. And it’s not because of Sharon Stone’s acting (or because of Michael Douglas’s, for that matter). My personal favorite part of this film? No, not that. But this reaction from Wayne Knight after the official uncrossing of the legs.

4) Eyes Wide Shut 

Forget the scenes between Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman—who did, by the way, have true on-screen chemistry, considering they were married at the time. The real sexiness of this movie is, at first, shrouded in mystery when Cruise’s character stumbles upon a massive masked orgy.

5) Cruel Intentions 

Anybody who went to high school in the late 1990s can attest that this movie was one of the sexiest teenage dramas of the era. Sarah Michelle Gellar is the bad girl, Ryan Phillippe the bad boy with a conscience, and Reese Witherspoon plays the innocent virgin who’s saving herself for marriage. But there’s one scene that will live on forever in the pantheon of sexy teen movies: the kiss between Gellar and Selma Blair, and it was so powerful, it was recreated 16 years later.

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