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Casting the ‘Face/Off’ remake is the new ‘True Detective Season 2’

As news of the reboot dropped, Twitter immediately started speculating who would replace Travolta and Cage as the leads.


Brenden Gallagher


It’s time to put a new face on an old Face/Off.

Yesterday, Deadline reported that the cult favorite John Woo action film starring Nicolas Cage and John Travolta will be rebooted with a new cast.

For the uninitiated, Face/Off is literally about two people who switch faces: a cop and a killer each undergo facial transplant surgery to look like the other.

As we have learned many times before with projects like True Detective and James Bond, the internet loves nothing more than to dream up ideal casts for rebooted IP.

After the news of the reboot broke, Twitter predictably got to work replacing Cage and Travolta with a potential pairs of new face swappers. The suggestions mainly focused on celebrities who look alike, from Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard to Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall-Green.





Only time will tell which pair of actors will get the honor of stepping into each other’s face. Though Oren Uziel, writer of 22 Jump Street and the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick is set to write, no other above the line talent has been announced as of yet.


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