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All that psychosis is bad for comedy.

Last week’s Between Two Ferns episode with Hillary Clinton set records for Funny or Die, and led many people to ask if Donald Trump would be next in the hot seat with Zach Galifianakis. 

The answer, according to an interview with the L.A. Times, is no. 

“I wouldn’t have someone on who’s so mentally challenged,” Galifianakis said. 

Between Two Ferns has now featured Clinton and President Obama, as well as celebs like Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, and Justin Bieber (the latter of which Galifianakis memorably tried to whip with a belt). But a Trump interview wouldn’t work with their format, he said, and he’s already got other talk show hosts who’ll give him the attention he needs. 

“He’s the kind of guy who likes attention—bad attention or good attention. So you’re dealing with a psychosis there that’s a little weird.” 

Or, perhaps, his mock exasperation, a crucial part of the show, might feel a little too real. 

Will Trump address whether Kid Rock has been approached for secretary of state during tonight’s debate? Fingers crossed. 

H/T L.A. Times

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