Freezing-cold weather makes Vanilla Ice temporarily popular again

Vanilla Ice: Live at BBQ Breaks, Brisbane, New Years Day 2008 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

For once, you’re not the only person with “Ice Ice Baby” stuck in your head.

Plenty of people are complaining about the unprecedented cold and snow that have marked the first week of 2014, but at least one guy has found a silver lining. That man, of course, is Vanilla Ice, arguably the most successful and fondly remembered one-hit wonder in pop music.

OK, maybe he had two hits, if we’re counting “Ninja Rap.” But it’s the “Under Pressure”–sampling “Ice Ice Baby” that we’re concerned with today, because if you in some way reference that track on Twitter during this polar vortex thing, there’s a good chance he will retweet you.

Sadly, the frigid weather finally caught up with Ice in Miami today, where it’s about 52ºF—which no doubt sounds fairly balmy to anyone stuck in Minnesota.

Be careful what you wish for, dude—“Vanilla Slush” is not a great rap name. Or is it? Hang on, I’ve got to buy that domain. 

H/T Abraham Riesman | Photo by Carbon Images/Flickr

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