How to complain (about complaining) about a snowstorm on Twitter

Snow Globe Sky | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Small talk about the weather, writ large.

If you didn’t know that the Northeastern U.S. had just been slapped by a feisty snowstorm, you certainly found out when you logged onto Twitter, where people are talking about little else. This being the Internet, the complaints ranged from the sarcastic to the philosophically extreme and scientifically depressing.

New York City’s new first lady promised that a day off school for her son wouldn’t be all sledding and snowball fights. (Mayor de Blasio himself started the shoveling, but Dante finished the job).

Overall, there was so much complaining that users started complaining about the complaining itself—followed, inevitably, by the complaining about the complaining about the complaining.

Not everyone was bothered, however.

In fact, many went about their business as usual.

If you’re not snowbound yourself at the moment, you might take the opportunity to gloat.

Or even turn the situation to your advantage.

But there’s one snow tweet to rule them all—in this there can be no dispute:

Got a better line that that? Save it for the next blizzard.

Photo by Mark Griffith/Flickr

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