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Prominent DevaCurl ambassador denounces brand, says it ruined her hair (updated)

‘I don’t know what else to do except for literally shave my whole head.’


Nashwa Bawab


Ayesha Malik, a curly girl influencer known for promoting DevaCurl products, denounced the brand on Friday, alleging it ruined her hair

“If you’ve bought DevaCurl products because of me, I am sorry. And if you are currently using these products, stop immediately,” she says in her latest YouTube video. “I do not recommend them, not on your hair, not on your friends’ hair. Do not give these products to them. Do not donate them to a women’s shelter. I do not recommend these products on anyone’s hair.”

Malik, who is known for her curly hair, got her start as an influencer by detailing her journey to gaining healthy curls. In one of her videos that delves into her haircare routine, she heavily promotes DevaCurl products. It has almost 4 million views. Now, she is cautioning her followers from using the haircare brand, which is targeted toward hair maintenance for women with curly hair.  

Malik also went viral in 2019 after she confronted Priyanka Chopra for “encouraging [a] nuclear war against Pakistan.”

In her latest YouTube video, she said that fans noticed her hair looked different in the viral video of the confrontation.  

“I thought it was one bad hair day, then two bad hair days, then three bad hair days, and it came to the point where I never saw a good hair day ever again,” she says. “This is the first good hair day I’ve had in a solid year, and it took me a long time to get to this point.”

Malik said she got dandruff for the first time, had itchy hair, and even felt like her scalp was on fire at times. 

“I put more DevaCurl on the problem thinking it would fix it,” she says. “These products are really expensive, so when you pay them money for them, you expect high quality. That’s why I feel like I’ve been lied to.”

She said she stopped using the products about eight months ago after visiting Shai Amiel, a celebrity hairstylist who is known as “The Curl Doctor.” Amiel told her to look up the products on the Think Dirty app, which helps consumers see what ingredients are in their beauty products.

Malik also attributed her decision to direct messages she received in 2019 from women who followed her haircare routine and were losing their hair.

“All of these women looked like they got struck by lightning,” she says. 

She ends the video by showing her viewers how frizzy her hair looks eight hours after washing.

“I don’t know what else to do except for literally shave my whole head,” she says. 

She later urged her subscribers to ” not throw away your DevaCurl products.”

“Save them. I believe there will be a testing phase for the class action lawsuit. You may be compensated for your hair loss and scalp issues,” she wrote in the comments section of the video.

Update 6:40pm CT, Feb. 1: When reached for comment, DevaCurl sent the Daily Dot the following statement:

“We want everyone to have positive experiences with DevaCurl and we’re really sorry to hear these concerns. We take them seriously and want to provide reassurance about the quality and safety of our products. Information about our commitment to quality and ingredients is available here.”


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