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Zoo and aquarium try to one-up each other with cute otter posts

Any excuse to look at pictures of otters.


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It’s Sea Otter Awareness Week, which has led a zoo and an aquarium to try to one-up up each other with cute otter posts. It’s a game where everybody wins.

On Wednesday, the Oregon Zoo posted a picture of this handsome devil, along with the word “otters” over and over. Way to keep it simple, Oregon Zoo.

No idea what’s going down at the zoo in Oregon… although it would be pretty great if you showed up and they were like, “What? No, we don’t actually have otters, we just liked that picture. Please allow me to show you the damp squirrel who wandered in earlier today.”

Don’t worry, we checked—they have otters.

That’s when California’s Monterey Bay Aquarium decided to get in on the act by posting a digital mega raft of sea otters.

A “raft” of sea otters, for those not in the know, is when a group of otters all hold hands in the water to keep from drifting apart while they sleep. It’s basically cute af.

The zoo was impressed with the digital art and shot back with some puns and what they claim is a crab.

Of course, once the zoo and aquarium got the ball rolling, everyone wanted in on the fun.

Someone even tried bringing this old meme into the conversation, but those were badgers, not otters. Come on, Clare.

By the way, if you happen to be in the Monterey area check out this list of sea otter-themed activities and events. It otter be a great to… You know what? It will be fun. It will just be fun.

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