Conan O’Brien teaches seniors how to use Instagram

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Instagram’s filters apparently include “glaucoma,” “cateracts,” and “astigmatism.”

Instagram is more than a tool for rich kids to show off their obscene wealth. Elderly people are sharing their photos with the world too, and senior tech expert Bob is here to help.

In this faux tutorial, Bob explains how seniors can slap filters like “glaucoma” on their photos and keep an eye on their drunken grandkids on Instagram. He also reveals “selfie” is actually an abbreviation of “cellphone” in the video, which was produced for Conan O’Brien‘s YouTube channel, Team Coco. 

Meanwhile, the photo of Bob’s “grandson” Peter is from a real Instagram account. Wonder how the youngster feels about Grandpa Bob keeping tabs on him.

H/T Tastefully Offensive | Screengrab via teamcoco/YouTube

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