You’ll feel guilty for laughing at these #worstpersonatafuneral vines

From posting selfies at funerals to mourning the death of robot dogs, our generation has pretty much made a mockery out of the solemn ritual of burying the dead.

So how do you go about telling the social media set how to behave at a funeral? By taking over Vine with the trending topic #worstpersonatafuneral. 

The hilarious hashtag surfaced on Thursday thanks to a few brief six-second sketches by Vine star J. Cyrus. The musician and comedian posted vignettes of himself as, you guessed it, the worst person at a funeral. 

From making obnoxious jokes at the expense of the deceased to eulogizing the dead by talking about the time you took their virginity, Cyrus’ posts were as hilarious as they were morally reprehensible. 

The idea caught on quickly. 

Death: you’re doing it right, but also oh so wrong. 

Photo via msvg/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Greg Seals

Greg Seals

Greg Seals is a former social media producer and contributing writer for the Daily Dot. He specializes in creating and covering viral content on platforms that include Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.