Screengrab via Make Wordart

What up, Clippy?

It was a simpler time when Windows 95 hit desktops just over two decades ago. The desktop computer had only recently become affordable for single-family households. As Clippy the smarmy, anthropomorphic paper clip shepherded users through the wild world of computing, they also got a taste of shitposts to come with WordArt.

WordArt singlehandedly turned book reports and presentations into dynamic affairs with a smattering of 3D customizable fonts in stylish, futuristic colors. The program has since been folded into the Microsoft Office suite. Once the coolest thing about a PowerPoint, it’s sadly fallen out of use for the most part.

That is, until Mike McMillan brought it back.

The man behind the Stranger Things font meme and MyLaCroix.com is back with more nostalgia. Even better, your dumb ideas turned into WordArt can transform themselves into T-shirts and coffee cups. Simply tap the “finish” button under the font selection table and click the “custom swag” tab.

Prices run from a dollar for a keychain to $35 for an iPhone case. It’s a seriously good investment for a little bit of levity in these trying times.

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