hot dog

Photo via stu_spivack/Flickr

The mustard stain gave it all away.

Imagine the worst, most shameful secret you could find out about your significant other. Infidelity? Drug abuse? Offshore bank accounts full of money from blood diamond smuggling?

No. Hot dogs.

If you’re ever feeling uneasy about your romantic life, do yourself a favor and head over to Reddit‘s r/relationships, where people’s problems are … a lot weirder. This tale of a woman discovering her long-term boyfriend’s hot dog habit is a fairly representative example.

Here’s the original post in that thread, rather awkwardly titled “Me [35F] with my BF[41 M] of 3 years; just found out he has been secretly eating hot dogs because I (unknowingly) starve him.”

The real problem here, as everyone knows, is that hot dogs are just the gateway to hamburgers. 

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