Willow the squishy cat has more Halloween spirit than you

Willow is a 7-year-old exotic shorthair cat. She’s got a squished face, an oversized tongue, and enough star power to net nearly 10,000 Instagram followers. That number has only grown larger since the start of October.

What’s so special about this month? Well, it’s certainly no September. And her owner has also declared it Willoween, which means this blep-tastic kitty gets to dress up every single day to get in the Halloween spirit.

“What steps will your cat policy take to increase kibbles and reduce cat homelessness?” 🇺🇸#presidentialdebate #kenbone #catsinclothes

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Yep, that’s Willow as fallen meme Ken Bone. She’s also assumed the role of Nyan Cat, Olympic badass Katie Ledecky, and Joyce Byers from Stranger Things.

“The gate… I opened it… I’m the monster.” #willoween #strangerthings #eleven #theupsidedown #mouthbreather #ripbarb

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Willow’s adorable photos serve as both costume inspiration and may even inspire a few pet adoptions.

“She used to be the mom cat for a breeder and has had many babies in her life. She was rescued from the breeder,” her owner explains. “She was adopted out previously and then returned for being too needy and then I had the privilege of adopting her.”

Maybe add “knowing your worth” to the list of Willow inspirations. Willow’s demanding because she deserves love. She’s the perfect diva cat who loves to dress up and be the center of attention. In short, a true star—and not just for Willoween.

April Siese

April Siese

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