sept 30 vs oct 1

Screengrab via Princesswifi/Twitter Remix by April Siese

It’s a whole new month, guys.

Today’s the day, everyone! Dust the cobwebs off your spookiest regalia (or add some more) and say hello to October. This is a month that is totally different from September. Like, completely different.

What the hell does September have going for it besides the inability to wear white, a sad anniversary, and national coffee day? Not a whole lot. That’s why the internet has been littered with memes highlighting the superior month while showing what a big difference a day can make.

You’re not spooky when it’s Sept. 30th. But once it hits Oct. 1st, ooh boy.

Some people have embraced the Sept. 30th vs. Oct. 1st meme by not changing at all. And that’s perfectly ok! You do you, blue dumpster, Kanye West, and festive Justin Bieber.

The less popular “Me on Sept. 30 vs. Me on Oct. 1” dates back to Sept. 2015. “Sept. 30 vs. Oct. 1” has endured for much longer, however. It dates back to at least 2014 and really hit the big time with this goth-tastic Lana Del Rey meme.

Given just how hyped up major holidays can be, it makes sense that it would take a person a full month to get ready for Halloween. Sure, stores like Target and Home Depot have you beat when it comes to being way too early, but I guess they don’t get the significance of Oct. 1. When the next president is elected, here’s hoping an executive order follows rallying against premature spookiness.

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