Weird Twitter’s best tweets get the Criterion Collection treatment

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Make some room on the shelf for these beautifully packaged musings.

The Twitter Criterion, created by Rob Whisman, has a simple mission. It is “dedicated to preserving & redistributing important classic and contemporary tweets.” To that end, each tweet in the archive receives elegant Criterion Collection-style cover artwork.

All your old Weird Twitter favorites are here, from @dril’s masterfully executed JERRY DUTY to @brendlewhat’s thrillingly vivid Hello Sir, I—. There’s also room in the canon for an entry more accidentally surreal: Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley’s deadpan account of hitting a deer on the road and leaving it for dead.

Here are just a couple of the historic tweets you’ll find illustrated on the Twitter Criterion tumblr: 

Fine, I’ll admit it: This puts my own DVD collection to shame.

Photo by AgentOfTrioxin/Flickr

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