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Move over, Movember: Instagram’s obsessed with weedstaches

Instagram selfie culture generates some high art.


Audra Schroeder

Internet Culture

With Movember currently in progress, moustaches are getting a lot of traffic this month. But another trend is slowly making the rounds on Instagram: the weedstache.

It’s not really a new trend, but it’s certainly embedded in teen selfie circles. The #weedstache tag brings up more than 18,000 photos (#weedmoustache, less than 100), all showing people posing with fluffy green buds of weed on their upper lips. It seems blunts can also stand in for buds. You’ve got to allow for artistic license here.


This person added a weedstache and soul patch to Buzz Lightyear:

And here, some meta-art: a picture of a painting of a girl with a weedstache, which might make it the first weedstache art:

There is a weedstache Instagram page, devoted to “changing the face of cannabis,” though it’s hard to discern who’s the virtual pioneer responsible for bringing this artform to Instagram. It’s even spread to Pinterest, where you can buy a weedstache pipe and the website is prominently featured.  

This ties in nicely with the Instagram trend of catbearding, though it would take a real pro to pull off a catbeard and weedstache. You’d probably have to be really high.

Photo via A.E.D.Z./Flickr

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