Popular ‘We Rate Dogs’ Twitter account shows teeth after political post

The always adorable Twitter account We Rate Dogs does an outstanding job of ranking the furry companions on levels of cuteness. (No dog ever receives anything less than a perfect score.) 

But when account operator Matt Nelson decided to tweet a photo of Dexter Tuesday, a dog that reunited with its owner after she was stuck in Iran due to the travel ban, some users expressed animosity. 

“Please research and edit this. If you choose to make it political think twice about terrible treatment of dogs in Iran,” one tweet said. Another tweet added, “Just a suggestion here but stick to cute dogs doing cute shit and leave the politics out.”

On both occasions, We Rate Dogs barked back. To the former, he wrote, “yeah she appears to be terribly mistreating her dog.” To the latter, he responded, “just a suggestion here but fuck off.” 

Comments instantly flooded the post, with many asking the account to withdraw from addressing political matters altogether. Others decided to dive even more into political debate and upheaval. 

Some cheered the post on, embracing the photograph for bringing to light a serious reality—and purposefully misspelling the ban as Bannon. 

We give the whole exchange our lowest rating yet: 13/10. 

Dahlia Dandashi

Dahlia Dandashi

Dahlia Dandashi is a multimedia content producer. Her work has been published at the Austin American-Statesman and Viceland. An Arab-American raised in Dubai, she is based in Austin, Texas.